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Education is the spine of every nation! The better the education, the better the nation! - Ernest AgyemangYeboah

About TAS

The Academy School provides the perfect balance of classroom education and Education from the world around. We  strive to create an environment conducive to the holistic and all-round development of our students. Respect, acceptance and affirmation define our approach to the development of inter-personal skills in the students.

Academic excellence, problem-solving skills, character-development and social skills are all a part of our well-designed programs which are not only age-appropriate but also encourage our students to be responsible individuals with a high emotional quotient as well as intelligence quotient.

When you choose TAS for your child, you do not choose just a school, you choose an Education—an education that will equip your child with the skills to step into the future with capability and confidence.


Your Child is the World’s Future.
We envision your child as a responsible, confident and valued citizen of the world.


To ENRICH our students with our Core Values by providing them a world-class
environment to grow and excel – an alma mater that nourishes and instills a sense of
pride and belonging.


Our Core Values

Empathy towards one and all

The quality of character that can change the world, as it stands today, is Empathy. Learning to stand in somebody else’s shoes, to see through their eyes, to feel through their heart, is what we want to inculcate in our students. A child who has experienced empathy will grow into a treasured human being, enriching the community as well as the world.

Nation Building - Community, Cooperation, Contribution

We believe that if a child grows with a sense of pride for the nation, he/she will indeed be the reason for the bright future of the nation. By practicing the three Cs of Community service, Cooperation in society development and Contribution towards the well-being of the nation, our students will play a major role in nation building.

Respect for others and self

The students at TAS are encouraged to be respectful to others, be it someone elder or younger. When a person respects others as well as self, it creates a harmonious and happy environment, which is what we aim to provide our students.

Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners…..Laurence Sterne

Integrity of Character and Morals

Character education and imparting of moral values is our topmost priority because for the foundation of a successful nation, its citizens need to be of strong character. ‘Doing the right thing even when no one is watching’—is the kind of integrity that we impress upon each and every student of ours.

Confidence - The Winning Attitude

We believe that self-confidence is a super power that every student of ours should possess. With confidence as their tool, our students will step into the world as strong individuals ready to embrace success at every step. The winning attitude is the strong point of every TASian.

Having Resilience to stand tall in the face of a storm

A happy and safe environment for the child is the first priority every parent looks for.
At TAS, safety has always been on #1 priority where each corner of the campus is
escorted under CCTV Surveillance. The classrooms are unconventionally planned to
bring out freedom, as well as discipline, as both are equally essential while learning.

One test of the correctness of educational procedure, is the happiness of the child - Maria Montessori

From the Principal’s Desk

At TAS, the happiness of your child is our prime focus. #HappyAtSchool is our motto and we love to follow it. Happy minds perform better, so we strive to make each day of every child happy at school. Our children should look forward to coming to school, that is our endeavor. Our educational program is designed in a way which ensures that a student inculcates all the learning in a happy and fun environment.

I believe that a school is the place where a child’s potential is unlocked. The identification, encouragement, refinement and appreciation of this potential unique to every child is what we facilitate in our school. We aim to help prepare future citizens by equipping each student with the skills that are needed in this ever-changing world. Each child has a million dreams.  We aid them in seeding their dreams, nurturing them and guiding them to fulfill their dreams.


Mrs. Neeraja Nerurkar

Principal At TAS, Pune

A healthy and well-designed school and classroom can benefit and boost learning. - Sean Slade

School Facilities

The Academy School is a well-designed campus which offers all the modern facilities that are needed to provide the students a safe, secure and happy learning environment.

TAS Facility Infrastructure
TAS Facilities Sport
TAS facilities – Library
TAS Facilities Lab
TAS Facilities Speak
Public Speaking
TAS cirriculum
Competitive Exam
TAS Facilities Transport

Away, but still connected!

TASians during Lockdown

TASians Against Corona- Arav & Grantha, Grade 3A

Arav and Grantha are enjoying cooking and are blessed to be with their grandparents during the lockdown.

TAS Fancy Dress Competition, Nursery, 2nd: Yuvaan Talreja

Here’s our second winner for the Fancy Dress Competition. Congratulations to our cute little egg, Yuvaan. 😍🥚

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