Middle School Teacher

anjali arya

Ms. Arya
Hindi & Commercial Teacher

Iam a proud Tasian Ms. Arya, I teach middle school. This is a crucial period of students. Middle school is a time of transition for many students. if transitions do not go well for a student for some reason, learning can suffer. A positive transition into middle school is critical for success.

For the students, becoming a middle schooler is a big deal. Not just because they change classes and have more freedom but because they are really growing up. Things are changing. There is massive uncertainty has to be dealt with the pressure to fit in, and even physical changes that appear out of nowhere. The school plays a very important role in this transition.

For the parents, The most important goal during the middle school years is for their child to develop strong study habits, to continue to embrace learning, and to value education in general. Grades, of course, are important. But their child’s attitude about school and learning is potentially even more important.

And, if the child develops strong study habits now (as opposed to coasting through middle school with little or no effort), that could play an important role in how he or she does in high school, college, and beyond.

Although early childhood education gets a lot of attention due to brain development, the stages and importance of middle school to identity development can be critical in determining high school and college success. TAS address the issues of every student differently like we have many counselling sessions on teacher or parent’s request to tackle all them very sensitively and comprehensively. Each and every student is very precious, important and special for TAS. So we care accordingly.