Health and Wellness

At TAS, we weave health awareness programs into our curriculum. It not only helps us improve the school atmosphere but also build awareness amongst our students.

Health and Wellness at TAS

We help our students LEAP towards their goals, through our wellness programs. We Listen, Acknowledge, Participate and Educate to bring this motto to life in our school.

  • Listen – Our prime focus is to offer a healthy and enriching environment to our students. We listen to student voice and help them through their weaknesses and challenges.
  • Educate – We educate them to adopt healthy habits and adopt healthy behaviors, relationships and interactions.
  • Acknowledge – We acknowledge the uniqueness in every child at TAS. It is our constant endeavor to promote individuality and develop bright minds.
  • Participate – We inculcate the importance of community building through various programs. We engage our students to develop a sense of belonging through meaningful programs and activities.

A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.

Our LEAP initiative reinforces the importance of a healthy body as a prerequisite of sound health. TAS thus engages its students in various activities to build a holistic well being. We indulge our students in yoga and meditation to instill the importance of health and fitness. A happy soul is the stepping stone to creativity and excellence.