Many students struggle with basic organization and time management skills in their growing age. However, some parents don’t find these skills very important for their children, but as it turns out they are one of the most essential skills for every child to learn while they grow. These skills accompany them for their future life and have very important benefits.

Being organized isn’t just about keeping track of things, it’s also about organizing your thoughts, managing your time, planning, and knowing how to get things done in a particular order. It means being able to set goals and doing things in the right order.

Developing good organizational skills is a key ingredient for success in school and life. 

Below are a few tips that’ll help you get your child more organized. 

  • Build checklist:

Help your child maintain a “To-Do” journal. Ask them to put up a checklist for doing their homework, assignments, household chores, playtime, and other such activities. 

Marking completed items off their checklist will give them a sense of accomplishing a task. 

  • Prioritize their task:

Help your child recognize what’s more important to do and what’s less important to do. In such a way, they will understand the value of prioritizing the task. Such tasks will help them in completing their homework or assignments that are due soon. 

  • Set designated timetable:

Your child should be aware of his/her timetable. They should understand when to study, play, watch TV, and help with household chores. Setting a fixed timetable will help your child fall into a fixed pattern and wake up refreshed every day. Setting aside certain days to do certain chores also enables them to understand what to expect.

  • Prepare for a day ahead:

This habit will accompany your child for a lifetime and help them manage their work more efficiently. Before they go to bed they should pack their homework and backpack for the next day to avoid the rush in the morning. The next day’s clothes should be laid out with shoes and accessories. This will also cut down on morning confusion and allow your child to prepare quickly for the day ahead.

  • Conduct a weekly clean-up:

Encourage your child to declutter waste that is no more of use. Every week along with your child help them in organizing their books, assignments, and other stuff. Cleaning and organizing the bedroom every fortnight or month also ensures that everything is always kept in its place and is neat, clean & tidy. 


It’s very important to introduce organizational habits as soon as possible to children so that it becomes second nature to them as they grow up. And remember, organizing can be a challenge for children, so reward and support them in the process by developing different routines and giving treats when they accomplish a job well! We at TAS, ensure to implant all the good habits that will accompany them in their future. We focus on the holistic development of children. Our motto is to keep children #HappyAtSchool and help them build a representable future.

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