Pre-Primary School

Preschool in Pune (Wakad)

The Pre primary grades offer the optimum framework for the right development of children, making it extremely important and indispensable for a child’s development in early years. AT TAS, which is considered to be the finest Pre Schools in Pune, we create opportunities for young curious minds to explore the world in new ways as they develop self-confidence, coordination, learn complex logic and begin to interact with the world making us distinguishable from other Preschools in Pune, Maharashtra. The Academy School offers a safe and nurturing environment while promoting optimal physical, social and cognitive development for the tiny tots in day care.

Teachers at TAS Nursery Schools in Pune are caring, motivated and understand the needs of preschoolers with their years of experience. TAS is amongst the highly recognized day schools that offer individual attention to support every child’s unique needs.

Our preschool early childhood program is a combination of Montessori and Progressive learning styles. As the Best Preschool in Wakad, Pune, we focus on holistic development along with fundamental introduction of language, math, science and social skills, so the children learn and progress in 360-degree. Our preschool as well as Play Schools in Pune program provides an enriching classroom experience where students are constantly encouraged to explore and learn. If you are looking for Day Schools that nurture your child to be a successful individual with defined early childhood education, TAS is your destination!

Preschools and Pre-Primary in Pune

Learning Made Fun For Our Tiny Tots…

At TAS Wakad, Pune, we have designed a pre-primary regimen paying special attention to the physical and emotional needs of our preschoolers.

Learning Made Fun For Our Tiny Tots.

Cognitive Development

Always ranked as the Best Pre-Primary Schools in Pune, TAS helps preschoolers in building skills (investigating, evaluating, problem-solving, and communicating) and encourages them to follow their own paths so that they gradually understand the importance of knowledge and self-learning. Unlike other schools in Wakad, our focus is to help them understand how to apply information to a variety of scenarios and keep enhancing their knowledge.

Cognitive Development
Physical Skills And Motor Development

Physical Skills and Motor Development

The primary objective of the Best Preschool in Pune is to strengthen large and small muscles by engaging our tiny tots in various exercises, yoga, and meditation. Our child care activities focus on preparing the child for skills they will use in future and encourage them to explore and have fun at our Preschool in Wakad.

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Collaborative And Group Learning

At TAS, the finest Pre-Nursery School in Pune, we believe a sound emotional intelligence requires social skills. By focusing on group participation, our teachers help students build interpersonal skills. This makes learning enjoyable. Our students learn the importance of community, responsibility and healthy relationships.