TAS Pune campus

Welcoming, Wholesome, World-Class

Our Campus

The TAS Campus is built on a 4-acre lush green area, designed with the needs of your child in mind. We believe that the surroundings have to be conducive for effective learning.

With this as our foundation, we have ensured that our campus is welcoming, wholesome and world class. Your child will get the best that education can offer in the best of surroundings.

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Always Ahead in Academics

Our Departments

For the efficient running of our academic programs, we have a set of departments that focus on their Core strengths and develop innovative teaching and learning techniques. Teaching and learning need to be stress-free and interesting and this is what our departments strive to do.

Studying Science Systematically

Science Department

The Science Department has a hands-on teaching methodology in place for the better understanding of concepts. The well-equipped laboratories are the stage where many curious minds are encouraged to find their own answers.

  • Access to relevant Scientific instruments
  • Field trips to enhance learning experience
  • Audio-Visual approach to teaching
  • Encouraging curiosity and creativity

TAS Social Science Department

We study the past to better our future

Social Sciences Department

The SS Department is well stocked with audio-visual aids to provide that extra depth to the teaching methodology. Be it History, Geography, Political Science or Economics, the students can access relevant aids to help grasp the concepts better.

  • AV Aids
  • Field Trips
  • Screening of Documentaries
  • Interaction with known personalities

TAS Mathematics Department

Integration of Life and Maths

Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department conducts multiple, year round activities with the aim of developing analytical and reasoning skills in the students. These activities are grade appropriate and an integral part of the curriculum.

  • Reasoning Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Age appropriate activities
  • Over and above the syllabus

TAS Computer Science Department

Log-In to the Digital World

Computer Science Department

The CS Department is equipped with computers that are accessible to students as part of their daily timetable. Students as early as Grade 1 are introduced to the various software that will enable them to be a part of this technologically driven world.

  • Technology literacy
  • Typing Skills
  • Presentations and Excel sheets
  • Coding and Programming

TAS Department Of Languages,

For better communication skills

Department of Languages: English and Hindi

The Language Department focuses on the development of spoken as well as written skills. Public Speaking, Theatre, Extempore, Elocution are some of the activities organized by the department to help children develop these skills.

  • Spoken and Written English/Hindi
  • Creative writing
  • Public Speaking, Debates
  • Spelling Bee

Road Map to Success

Career Counselling Department

The Career Counselling Department conducts one-to-one sessions with each student to identify his/her aptitude and interests. These are then developed, the child is guided towards the best career path for him/her.

  • Aptitude Testing
  • Create Road map
  • Assistance in choosing a stream
  • Help in applications

TAS Cirriculum - Art

Paint, Sing, Dance - Fun while we learn

Arts Department

The Arts department includes the art & craft, dance and music sections. Every student chooses an art medium and builds on his/her ability with the help of our qualified faculty in each of these.

  • Tie-up with Furtados School of Music
  • Intra and Inter School events
  • Art work around the campus
  • Acoustically built Music Room

Mentally Strong, Physically Fit

Sports Department

The Sports Department aims to inculcate team spirit and sportsmanship in our students via the various events organized all year round. The playgrounds and the skating rink are a favourite spot for our children to learn and practice.

  • Tie-up with Sports City
  • Skating Rink
  • Basketball Court
  • Football Ground

Our facilities

Building a Better World
For Your Child

Our commitment to excellence extends to the facilities we provide on campus. The infrastructure, sports arenas, music room, transport arrangements, library, laboratories, medical facilities are all designed to be a part of the green surroundings. TAS is a well-designed campus which offers all the modern facilities that are needed to provide the students a safe, secure and happy learning environment.

  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports
  • Acoustically enriched Music Room
  • Artwork around the campus
  • Well stocked Library
  • Well-equipped Laboratories
  • Safe and Convenient Transport
  • Always ready Medical Room
  • Pedagogically designed Curriculum

TAS Student Safety And Security

Safe, Secure and Always Alert

Student Safety and Security

The safety of your child is paramount. From the time a student boards the bus to the time he/she leaves the school campus at the end of the day, his/her security is our responsibility. Our trained and alert staff, CCTV Cameras and security guards ensure that while on campus, your child is provided with a completely safe environment.

  • Female attendant in each bus
  • Security guards at the gate
  • Secure perimeter wall
  • CCTV Cameras