Apart from the educational curriculum, there are numerous opportunities for students to learn new skills, fuel their curiosity, and ignite a new passion. Extracurricular activities encourage the growth & development of every child in a positive way. The extracurricular activities help in the development of the social and intellectual growth of children. It encourages good behavior and communication in the child. Because of this, many schools are giving more importance to extracurricular activities. 

TAS is one of the best schools in Pune and one of the top schools in PCMC that offers students the opportunity to explore and grow with their skills and interests. 

What is an extracurricular activity?

Extracurricular activities fall outside the academic curriculum but are an integral part of the educational environment. These extracurricular activities include sports, drama, music, robotics, coding, etc which helps in developing creativity and artistic talents among children. 

Below are a few benefits of Extracurricular activities for children. 

Helps them in learning a new skill:

The extracurricular activities can help children learn a new skill that could stay with them for a lifetime. Apart from that, it instills the key personality that could accompany them in their future life. 

Boosts their academic performance:

Extracurricular activities are now considered a part of their academics, which results in adding extra points to their report. Not just that, participating in the activities students are passionate about can help in better brain functioning, increase concentration, and build confidence. 

Improves time management:

By participating in extracurricular activities children learn the importance and abilities of time management. 

When children participate in extracurricular activities, they try to balance their academic workload and their interests. This will help children learn time management skills and prioritizing their work.

Learn essential skills:

Along with other skills, children learn other essential skills such as goal setting, teamwork, critical thinking, public speaking, and also improved social behavior. 

Develops self-esteem:

The more you achieve success through your passionate activities, the more it helps in building your confidence. Even small extracurricular activities motivate children to work hard and achieve bigger success. 

Develops leadership qualities among children:

Leadership skills build a positive attitude among students inspiring them to be responsible people. It also teaches them to manage a particular task on their own and find solutions to their problems. 


Extracurricular activities are as important as academics. With the help of extracurricular activities, students get a chance to interact with their peers and learn from them as well. The lessons & experience children gain-from extracurricular activities will help students in their careers and future life. Participating in extracurricular activities supports students’ character development required for their personal growth and success. We at TAS focus on the holistic development of children. With a wholesome and nurturing campus, we help them to explore their interests and passion. Our motto is to keep children #HappyAtSchool and help them build a successful future.

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