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TAS, Pune: ICSE School
Admission Process 2023-2024

TAS (The Academy School) is affiliated to ICSE Board that offers an immaculate curriculum being the TOP ICSE School with personalized teaching methods – right from pre-primary to secondary school education. We are honoured to be acknowledged in the list of top educational institutes in India. Our school standing amongst the finest ICSE Schools in Pune offer a well-structured curriculum and wide range of curricular activities that have helped our students emerge as well-rounded, content and accountable citizens. If you, like us, value constructive and enthusiastic learning for overall development, then secure ICSE School Admission in Pune for your child and let them thrive in Finnish Education System Pedagogy that ensures offering quality education and a teaching beyond the four-wall-classroom! To get answers for your frequently asked questions,visit our website to know what the school offers!

Get in touch with us to get all the information for School Admission in Pune and fee structure for the ICSE School Admission in Pune that you’ll require to make the right decision!

School admission process is simple and admission for the next academic year in our day school will start in September, 2022!

If you are seeking the top Schools in India for the finest education in India to ensure a child’s successful future, TAS day school is the right choice to be made!

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