At TAS, we try several ways of bringing joy to all our students. We believe every child is unique and our educators work hard to understand their inherent talents and weaknesses. Our educators engage students through tremendous teaching methodologies, learning programs while adding a touch of fun to learning. They work together with the students with an aspiration to build caring, happy, healthy and successful global citizens.

Our strong team of qualified professional administrators and teaching staff thus creates an excellent abode of learning at TAS. The students are offered excellent learning experiences in a joyful environment.

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Our educators are:

  • Facilitators to motivate every student to become self-reliant and self-learners.
  • Collaborators to every student’s success and aspirations.
  • Listeners who work patiently to resolve challenges and strengthen student’s weaknesses.
  • Role Models who walk the talk and set high standards for their students.
  • Enthusiastic and Dedicated to make learning fun and effortless.

At TAS, we have an eclectic mixture of experience and enthusiasm that works passionately as a team and makes learning a passion of life.

anjali arya

Ms. Arya
Hindi & Commercial Teacher

I am a proud Tasian Mrs. Arya , I teach middle school. This is a crucial period of students. Middle school is a time of transition for many students. if transitions do not go well for a student for some reason, learning can suffer. A positive transition into middle school is critical for success.

For the students, becoming a middle schooler is a big deal. Not just because they change classes and have more freedom but because they are really growing up. Things are changing. There is massive uncertainty has to be dealt with the pressure to fit in, and even physical changes that appear out of nowhere. The school plays a very important role in this transition.

Indira Ramachandran

Ms. Ramachandran
Senior Coordinator

Hello everyone,
I am Mrs.  Ramachandran, the senior coordinator at TAS. I hold a graduate degree in Computers and a Master’s degree in English. It’s rightly said that some people change your life forever.

Teachers leave a lasting impression on their students. I owe where I am today to my teachers. My journey towards teaching started in my school days. My mathematics grades took a nose dive in the 10 th grade, that is till I met my mentor and guide in the form of my mother’s friend. A teacher par excellence herself, she is the embodiment of the different skills a teacher should possess – the capacity to tap into a student’s potential, to aid them to engage in divergent thinking and to encourage every child to have confidence in their ability to find solutions. She showed me how a teacher can transform the dislike/fear/inhibitions regarding a subject into a lifelong passion. When I began my teaching career in Mumbai, I was fortunate enough to know and interact with experienced seniors and peers who helped me hone my skills and truly imbibe the meaning of being a teacher – a safe haven for children. Nothing brings me greater joy and a sense of satisfaction than seeing my children achieve their personal dreams/aspirations while working towards becoming citizens who contribute towards the betterment of society.