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Why Choose TAS?


A vast green campus awaits the students at TAS. The lush green place is filled with happiness and joy aiming to create an environment that makes the little ones happy, confident and the best version of themselves.

The infrastructure of the school building has:

Fully equipped smart classroom

Full functional library

Multipurpose hall

Basketball court

Skating Rink

Ipad labs

State of the art music rooms

Open-air lunch space


Bus services

The school infrastructure facilities keep in mind all the requirements of the children and aims at living up to the motto of #Happyatschool. Designed to aid the children in their learning, the entire school has artworks at different corners with an educational aspect attached to it. The surroundings speak of cohesive learning accompanied by happiness and fun.


Commonly said that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Taking note of the importance of sports in school, TAS pays special attention to sports as well as co-curricular activities. The children learn not only the different aspects of a good mind but also a healthy body. The list of sports includes indoor and outdoor sports such as cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis and many more which are the few of the many sports that the children learn, play and have fun. TAS has tied up with Sports City who trains students in skating, basketball, and football. The benefits of sports comprises virtues of a disciplined life and one understands winning and losing as two sides of the same coin are imparted to children and open arms wait for the kids at the gate after a day of victory or a day of learning.


Laboratories are rooms that feed the curiosity inside our minds and also begin it a number of times. Science laboratories are the places for discovery, for fun and to learn the actual science behind science. Keeping in mind the importance of school laboratories, TAS has fully equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology along with laboratory assistants who are on their toes to teach, educate and have fun with the children. At TAS, Science is taught with actions with the help of demonstrations, experiments, and activities aiming to strengthen the concepts to aid in their lives. Providing a hands-on experience, students discover the beauty of science on their own.


The management of TAS strives to maintain superior standards of education and prepares its students for the ICSE curriculum (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) right from Grade I. The teachers are trained to educate with a purpose of creating responsible and self-reliant citizens. Lessons are taught and concepts are imparted to the students with the aid of smart classes, role plays, experiments, and demonstrations. Students are encouraged to question until they satiate their thirst of knowledge or curiosity or both.
The different types of co-curriculum activities in the school have broaden the horizons of learning and students learn accompanied by fun. Inculcating a habit of reading is greatly emphasized and so is discipline. Speech and drama is an integral part of the curriculum and our annual concert is a testimonial for the same. Music and Sports are given equal importance for the all-round growth of our students. The curriculum activities are complemented with Art and Craft, General Knowledge and Life Skills. We are confident that this myriad of subjects and activities will make our students stand apart from the crowd.

Public Speaking

TAS takes the utmost interest in shaping the personality of the children from an early age. With this thought in mind, the school focuses on developing the public speaking skills as well as oratory skills of the children. Not only do we toil hard to build the confidence but also assist in the child’s attempt to overcome fear and performance anxiety. Public speaking techniques are a life skill and student with good hold over the same tend to be better at decisions and are likely to be more open-minded, strong-willed and better citizens of our country. Numerous competitions such as extempore, debates, theatre and many more are regularly conducted to provide the children with a platform to showcase their talent and conquer the world.


Music: Science has proven that music in any form has amazing effects on our mind and our health, be it instrument or vocals, music is a part of our lives, a very integral part. Don’t we all love music? Surely we do. TAS has sewed music in the everyday schooling of the children with the aim to help them distress, learn a new art and have a sense of accomplishment. In association with Furtado School of Music, Mumbai, TAS provides training in musical instruments and vocals with the help of the in-house teachers.  Through the art learned, the students perform on various in-house events and competitions as well as celebrations.


Books are portals to different dimensions. One can wander in far-off lands, make mystical friends and create a magical world of their own. That’s the real purpose of library; it inspires the mind, the creativity, and the world. We, here, at TAS have the library loaded with books with the likes of Ruskin Bond, Agatha Christie, Paolo Coelho, and many more authors as well as poets to sharpen the creative aspects of the brain. Accompanied by a full time librarian, comfortable chairs, cushions and sofas, the library gives the perfect arrangement for a child to unlock their minds and begin their journey of learning and self-discovery.

Library at TAS not only provides a pleasant environment but is also known to positively impact the academics of the students. TAS acknowledges the benefits of library and makes sure that every student spends some time in the library every day.

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