The global pandemic has made a lot of changes in our lives. But with the end to the lockdown, with the new year of 2021, we must use our freedom wisely with safety and utmost precautions! We are back on track with an exciting schedule to make new memories and look after each other with more care. With the end of the lockdown, we all are excited to visit our school campus and be Happy at School. But still there is an uncertainty on school reopening. The only thing one can do is be prepared for the schools to reopen 

To help you out, below are a few things to remember to avoid when school reopens. 

  • Avoid standing in groups and follow social distancing.
  • Keep away from touching Face, Nose, and Mouth.
  • Ensure not to remove face masks in public spaces.
  • Avoid eating without washing/sanitizing your hands.
  • Make sure not to leave the house without hand sanitizer and a face mask.
  • Do not ignore any symptoms of fever, cough or cold.
  • Avoid close contact with anyone.
  • Do not opt for self-treatment if not well.
  • Strictly follow school guidelines and avoid breaking rules.


By ensuring all these safety measures,we are ready to welcome back our students with more enthusiasm,energy and lots of fun activities and be #HappyAtSchool. And at the same time we  ensure complete safety of our children and assure a happy learning process. 

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