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ICSE Board School In Pune – Wakad, Pimpri Chinchwad

Education has evolved in the past few years. All parents want an educational institution or rather a day school which is the best for their children.

Over and above, the development of technology and the advent of digitalization has changed the education system today. Modern-day students need to be prepared to thrive in this globally connected and competitive era. That is why scores of schools, universities, and institutions are adopting the ICSE board to teach and mould the students under a global education system. Limitless opportunities for the future, exposure to new cultures, new experiences, and exponential personal growth, are some of the many benefits that accompany education in Top ICSE Schools. This type of education helps your children become independent through innovative course work and experiential learning. As you begin your research into possible ICSE schools, understanding what makes an education exceptional might be confusing. To help you cut through the clutter, here is a list of criteria that make a great day school.


There has been a rapid growth in the number of students studying in ICSE Board Schools in Pune the past few years. ICSE boards provide exceptional learning experiences to children. The benefits of an ICSE board are wide exposure to global platforms with opportunities in academic and other curricular activities. ICSE Schools in Pimpri Chinchwad Pune provide a value-based learning system that equips students with a sense of responsibility and self-discipline. In addition to these, some other advantages of studying in ICSE board schools like TAS are:

  • Holistic development

The ICSE board school offers a value-based education system that encourages the holistic development of the students. At TAS, we believe that a positive environment makes an exceptional change in children’s personal growth. Here, the emphasis is laid on imparting moral values, ethics, as well as extracurricular activities like art, music, dance, along with studies. TAS is the best ICSE School in Pune, Maharashtra that aims at creating capable global citizens who are knowledgeable, well-balanced, disciplined, open-minded & creative.

  • Enhanced classroom lessons

At TAS, we have an exceptional team of teachers who are highly qualified, dedicated, and experienced. Our teachers employ the best teaching practices and state-of-the-art tools and techniques to facilitate the students in understanding every concept to the fullest. As the top school in Pune, we believe that interaction is an integral part of the school. Each student is motivated to collaborate by sharing his/her opinions with the entire class. The students are encouraged to discuss the topic to build better communication skills. Thus, the lessons go much beyond the textbooks where the students during high school learn through real-life examples, practicals, and scenarios.

  • Encourages learning beyond the classroom

With the rapid growth in Digitalisation and technology, there is a noticeable change in the secondary education system. The use of technology in education ensures that learning isn’t restricted to the four walls of a classroom. The best example to share is the current scenario of online classes. Technology has made it possible for teachers and students to connect and learn. This not only makes the learning horizon larger and also bridges the gap. The implementation of technology in education has enhanced the traditional techniques of teaching. Enriching students with new perspectives and broadening their minds with unique possibilities is helping students achieve greater heights. We at TAS, have already started the inclusion of technology in our study courses for the benefit of our students. The introduction of technology in teaching has gained significant importance and this is how the best ICSE Schools in Wakad Pune are connecting wings to our children’s dreams.

  • Co-Curricular activities

We at TAS, make sure that our children are equally active in sports and other Co-curricular activities as well. Our vision is to develop the best and flexible system where students can achieve their dream and step into the global world with skills and confidence. The way we learn is as unique as we are and therefore a school must have opportunities for each type of interest. We strive to understand their interest and contribute to their dreams with our best staff to inculcate knowledge. Our campus is built on a 4-acre lush green area, designed with the needs of children in mind. We believe that the surroundings have to be conducive for effective learning. With this as our foundation, we have ensured that our campus is welcoming, wholesome, and world-class.

At TAS, we believe that every student should be taught in the best classrooms and in a nurturing environment where values are inculcated and memories are made. Through balanced programs, every student has a chance to explore a variety of disciplines and identify areas they are passionate about. If you’re exploring possible ICSE schools for your children, you know how stressful it can be. Our new checklist outlines everything an ICSE school should have. You can visit our website for more information regarding the admission procedure of the top school in India. website for more information.


Which school is best for ICSE in Pune?

While numerous schools are in Pune, TAS is one of the top ICSE Schools that thousands of families trust. We constantly aim to provide the best for our pupils through instruction, resources, infrastructure, and extracurricular activities. Additionally, we use a cutting-edge, modern teaching approach that gives pupils of TAS many advantages.

What is the full form of the ICSE board?

One of the most well-known boards in India is ICSE. The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is the full name of the ICSE Board. TAS is an accredited educational institution by the board and its primary goal is to simplify education for pupils and deliver it in a more coherent manner.

Which is the Number 1 School in Pune?

Pune’s new age ICSE school and Maharashtra’s FIRST school that has implemented National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 – TAS becomes an ideal destination for all parents due to its child-centric approach. We offer top-notch instruction for all-around growth while making an effort for students’ high-quality instruction, architecture, and services. Here, academics and extracurricular activities have equal weight. TAS is without a doubt the best-preferred school that truly makes the child feel #HappyAtSchool

Which is better board, ICSE or CBSE?

Their respective admissions processes and curricula are the primary differences between both. At TAS, we follow the ICSE board curriculum and our objective is to grant exposure to the world’ through practicality. We nurture learners to become leaders who are compassionate and have rational skills at the same time.  

Is it tough to take admission in the best ICSE School in Pune?

The admissions procedure for the TAS school is straightforward and only takes the most basic information from any ward that applies for enrollment. Remember that a prerequisite for admission will be the student’s score. Contact the school immediately to learn more about the process by calling or sending an e-mail.

What is the board that TAS follows?

The board that TAS follows is CISCE-Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations. Under this board, 2 certification examinations are carried out. Students prepare in grades 9 and 10 to take up the ICSE examination. They then prepare in the 11th and 12th to take up the ISC examination equivalent to the 12th board examination. TAS is accredited by the CISCE for conducting the ICSE, i.e., the 10th board examinations. The primary goal while educating children at TAS is to simplify education and to deliver it more coherently.]

How is CISCE different from CBSE?

The CISCE curriculum primarily focuses on hands-on learning, higher-order thinking skills, and a sustained focus on the English language. The curriculum is learner-friendly, and students can choose to take up the stream they deem a good fit for themselves at the end of grade 8 itself. The CBSE also has a structured curriculum that has similar goals but they do not offer the rigorous training for English that CISCE promotes with differentiated language and literature components. The subject choices for students are made available at the end of grade 10 in CBSE.

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