5 Important Things to Check Before Choosing Best Preschool/School for Your Child

The foundation of your child’s brighter future depends on the education he/she receives at an early age of learning. The experience they carry will always go a long way to make them successful and happy. Choosing a preschool for your child can seem such an overwhelming task. With quality education, proper guidance, and care, preschool is the first step for your child in a world full of challenges!
Looking for the best preschool for your child is the toughest job a parent has to go through. As your child spends most of their time in school, being a parent you need to make sure you’ve made the right choice. To help you make a decision, we are here with 5 important things to check before choosing the best preschool for your child.

Academic & Non-Academic Faculty:

Children spend more time in school than at home. Children need to have a transparent relationship with their teachers for better learning. While looking for a preschool you must assure the staff is polite speaking and warm towards children. Positive learning takes place only when the teacher is willing to teach and students are willing to learn. The teacher should be easy to interact with, where students feel free to ask their doubts. A classroom with encouraging words by teachers will make the students feel warm and tender. Qualities that make students love their teacher:

  • She/He must be Caring & Friendly with whom they can discuss their problem.
  • A teacher must be positive and should motivate students.
  • Teachers must appreciate students’ work and encourage them for future work.
  • Creative in her ways of teaching.

At TAS, we have experienced teachers that help students build confidence in their academics as well as their co-curricular activities. Our teachers at TAS are passionate about working and highly qualified in making the classroom a Happy Place for students.


A child’s safety is of paramount importance for every parent. Safety at school allows children to look forward to being in an encouraging environment, promoting social and creative learning. At TAS we take the responsibility to keep a safe environment for all students The travel from home to school and back home is planned and organized keeping in mind the safety security measures. Our staff are well trained and equipped to manage any adverse circumstances. We make sure that the school safety rules are readily available to every person who enters the campus. From the moment your child boards the bus to the moment they leave, we assure you of their safety. Efficient & trained security guards are in & around the campus. We at TAS have installed cameras as well on the campus to ensure your child is safe at school. Our trained and alert staff takes every precaution to keep your child safe & secure at school. To ensure that our campus and classrooms are hygienic and safe, we have tied up with Sodexo for the same. We at TAS, create a place where only happy and safe learning takes place.


With quality education, students need to have a wholesome and welcoming campus. Children need to feel secure and comfortable on their campus where they can move around freely. Classrooms that will encourage students to explore and learn more, campus where they can move around freely and enjoy sports activity, will have a positive impact on their development. A positive atmosphere will motivate students to work harder and help them stay calm. The TAS Campus is built on a 4-acre lush green area, designed with the needs of your child in mind. We believe that the surroundings have to be conducive for effective learning. With this as our foundation, we have ensured that our campus is welcoming, wholesome, and world-class. A campus where your child will learn about academics and understand the true spirit of nature.


One of the key ingredients for a skilful and quality educational experience is the curriculum which is the most important aspect of learning. We impart knowledge to students with practical experience and engage them in activities that will help in developing their skills and have a better understanding of the subject.TAS is an ICSE based board that provides overall education with exceptional learning experiences. We at TAS believe engaging students in the learning process increases their attention and focus, motivates them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills, and promotes meaningful learning experiences.


Parents and teachers equally play a great role in a child’s life. Transparent communication between parents and teachers is the most important thing for the healthy and positive growth of a child. Communication is both receptive and expressive. At TAS, our Teachers are skilled at listening to their students as well as explaining things clearly. Teachers break down complex ideas into simpler parts and smaller steps to transmit to their students. A pleasant conversation with teachers will always have a positive impact on the academics of the student. Building a nurturing relationship with children will help teachers understand their doubts better. A conversation with teachers will help you to track your child’s academic growth. Parents should feel free to ask their queries to teachers about their child. Complete growth of a child is only possible if the parent and teachers have a healthy conversation. Parents are also benefited from being involved in their children’s education by getting ideas from school on how to help and support their children, and by learning more about the school’s academic program and how it works.


As we all know a person is known by a company he keeps. Children always learn from their peers and it is important to develop their character at an early age. Children influence and learn from each other, so it is essential to keep them in good company. Preschool is the first step of your child in the competitive world. When you look for a school you must look for a foundation that will equip your child with the overall development. A foundation that will develop the mind and character of your child and help him/her in its future challenges. TAS is a combination of fun and effective learning. A place where your child will feel at home and master their skills to be a better citizen. We believe in building the future of our nation by providing them with world-class education.

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