When a child is born, we have a lot to think about. We plan for his/her better future. Amongst all the facilities that modern parents wish to provide for their progeny, Pre Schooling is the primary one. Especially in nuclear families, where a mother works, the Pre School fulfills a very important function, providing knowledge and values. Human beings are social animals and their progress is linked to the kind of environment that they are in. At TAS we believe that when children are nurtured and brought up with good values they shine brighter in the future. 


Pre-school plays a vital role in nurturing and activating the child’s emotional, physical, and mental growth. At TAS we believe that our pre-primary school boosts the social skills and ability to work in groups. At TAS teachers build a warm and nurturing environment to keep the children #HappyAtSchool.

With various fun activities, children develop motor skills such as gross motor skills & fine motor skills. They also learn physical skills like jumping, and kicking. Pre-school is the perfect time where children develop the cognitive skills that enhance brain development such as Pattern Recognition, category formation, and working memory. With this they also learn the differences in objects, they develop imagination on various topics. 

We understand this phase is very crucial, as it’s their first baby step of being on their own without parents, at TAS with a friendly and warm environment they learn how to spread their wings and fly on their own.


Children’s sense of competence and self-worth grows as they learn to take care of themselves and help others. Teachers appeal to a young child’s desire to engage in activities by offering them chances to help out in the classroom. With these small steps, the child learns many good habits which includes a change in eating behavior, respecting elders, and helping in household chores. Children are expected to wash their hands before snack time, keep personal belongings in their respective places, and put away toys before moving to a new activity. Such small steps help them inculcate discipline and become well mannered.  


Coming down to the fun part, every child loves to play. Their imagination knows no bounds. Playing helps them develop motor skills. Physical exercise and body coordination help them understand and evaluate their surroundings well. Pre schooling provides several fun activities for children to run, climb, and play active games. Children are challenged through a variety of activities that help them build their hand-eye coordination and balance. 


Children love to repeat and imitate their elders. They are extremely curious and observant. Working on these skills we engage them in various songs with numbers and alphabets. They are kept engaged in activities like read-aloud stories and imaginative narrations. The vast library of puzzles and block building games that the Preprimary houses, enables the students to engage in this creative pursuit daily.

Counting games and board games build children’s understanding of numbers, categories, and sequence, which supports maths learning later. Putting together puzzles encourages children to notice patterns, plan solutions, and develop problem-solving techniques. Children also develop good observation skills and learn the description of numbers and shapes. 

Let’s face it, parents need to spend quality time with their children. That’s where pre-school steps in. It allows parents to have their own time and focus on their work. and when they are home they get the time with their children and the learning is done in school.  At TAS we give you the free time you need and your child will be having fun and being #HappyAtSchool.

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