In addition to accessing new technologies and exploring new learning methods, we must change to build a brighter future.

TAS is now introducing an advanced way of learning and raising the power of education with Finland Education System.

 What is Finland Education?

The world around us is changing rapidly with the help of advanced technologies, and education must evolve to meet the future’s needs. The objective of Finland’s education system is to reform and raise competence, expertise, and education. The goal is to support changes in society and enable equal opportunities for students.

Finland’s education system focuses on the overall development of your child. The system believes that cooperation is the norm against an environment of competition and artificial or merit-based systems. One of Finland’s most important methods is that they strive to make the school environment a more equitable place.

Through this education, we make it possible for students to enjoy their learning and bring exciting changes to their lives. Apart from essential understanding, Finland’s teaching focuses on innovative education as well.

Creative Learning:

Creativity is the core of innovation and a step towards advanced development. We fondly remember enjoying our drawing and craft lectures; we loved to put down our imagination on paper. When the games period arrived, we would rush towards the ground for activities.

The Finland education system encourages teachers to innovate and enhance the creativity of students. It aims to promote students’ interests and believes in motivating them. Here, each student will be offered the possibility to design an individually appropriate path of finishing an entire qualification or an additional skill set.

How will creative learning help your child?

● The activity will reinforce the sense of belonging in the school community and increase children’s opportunities to have hobbies.

● Creative learning will improve the accessibility of art and culture.

● Help in adapting art and culture-related services in the social and health care system.

● Will allow them opportunities of expressing themselves.

● Creative expression is vital for children to activate their emotional development.

● Creativity can stimulate the imagination and thinking capabilities of students.

● Improves communication skills – Creative learning can involve working collaboratively with others, which helps children develop their communication and teamwork skills.


With advancements in new technologies, we are introducing the Finland education system for our students at TAS. We aim to provide an exceptional education that will nurture the holistic development of your child. With the help of Finland education, every child can explore their hobbies and talents in different education fields; with this, they will also explore the areas they are passionately inclined and motivated.

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