TAS exam tip

Exam season is on and many students are under the exam stress. Working with a different strategy and personal approach, every child is working hard to score well in the exams. The exam time is tough but if one approaches with the right mindset and positive attitude, success is not impossible to achieve.

Here are a few exam tips that may help in preparations.

1. Plan your day:

Plan your day smartly and make sure you cover all the subjects. Allot appropriate time for all the subjects. If you find a subject hard, allot more time to that subject. Stick to your time table.

2. Cover entire syllabus:

Do not put any topic or subject as an option. Cover the entire syllabus.

3. Group study:

Studies have proved that explaining helps to remember. Discussing a topic helps understanding it better. Ask questions and get answers and vice versa.

4. Take regular breaks:

Do not over stress and over study. Take regular intervals to refresh.

5. Revise:

Revise the topics at the end of each day. It will help one to check if the topic is understood or needs more attention.

6. Practice previous questions papers:

Solve question papers of previous years. It helps to figure out the exam pattern and what questions to expect.

7. Drink plenty of water and sleep well:

It is very important for students to keep their body hydrated and well rested.

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