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In an era where even kids are heavily involved in the digital world, there is a basic necessity for fun learning activities to help them stay active. Along with academic learning, fun activities for kids are an essential part of their development that you must not let them miss out on. The benefits of Co-curricular activities are countless, from life lessons beyond the four walls of the classroom and the importance of physical exercise to appreciating nature, building confidence and leadership skills. Every child has a unique personality, and we, at TAS, plan a list of co-curricular activities at our school that is beneficial for every student. Our activities are the perfect mix of learning and fun, after which your child will always come back home having a great time and with lots of stories and lessons to share.
Here are a few activities that TAS focus on engaging our children in:
Importance of Art education:

Art education has changed radically in recent years. For decades teachers have emphasized the importance of art in a child’s growth and development. Engaging with art is essential for the human experience as it lets you communicate and be in touch with yourself through artistic expressions. Whether it is dance, music, painting, theatre, fancy dress, debate, or speech TAS has always focused on keen participation of students in these activities that will help them learn essential life skills. Performing arts students show greater flexibility and adaptability in thinking than those who do not engage in such activities. Activities such as Dance are specially conducted during the concert period. Concerts are theme-based where each class gets a special theme given by the Principal where students can showcase their creativity with their imagination and talent. Art education is just another doorway for them to learn the importance of empathy. Art education sparks communication and allows students to learn about each other, along with their struggles. Music activities are done for every event such as sports day, 15th august and many more. These activities are conducted thrice a week to help students develop a better taste of music and create a relaxing atmosphere. As we know, everybody has their own set of struggles, and we must not forget to treat people with kindness. That is why art education is crucial for making students well-rounded and thoughtful individuals.

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