Waiting for the school bus, dancing with the school bells, morning assemblies, singing along morning greetings to welcome the class teacher, be excited to ask and to answer, enjoy the blackboard race of ‘who will finish writing first?’, feel proud to solve the Maths problem on board, wait for the recess bell… Learning was so much fun this way!

But today, when we talk about learning, Virtual Learning has become the new-normal which reminds us of the pandemic that created a virtual revolution around the world.                                                                         

Since lockdown, teaching and learning methods took a virtual turn! When the world was locked-down to stop the pandemic spread, schools and colleges took a virtual way to continue spreading the light of Education through, virtual reality.

Shifting to a Virtual teaching-learning approach totally was itself a challenge for the schools as well as the students. As there was no pre-defined pattern planned for virtual learning before the pandemic. Even the Govt. being concerned about the education system, encouraged schools and colleges to shift and continue teaching with the help of virtual reality.

With all the real challenges, virtual learning has added a lot of benefits to the learning process:

Comfort Zone: With the help of virtual learning, students are able to learn and study staying in their comfort zones. Rest assured to the parents as the students are safe at home learning happily right in front of their eyes.

Cost and time effective: Virtual learning continues the learning disciplines, saving hours of traveling back and forth to school and classes.

Boosts Digital skills: Virtual reality is not only the need of the day but the future of tomorrow. It’s helping the students sharpen their digital skills, making them friendly with modern technologies.

A new way of learning: Virtual learning is becoming a new and fun way of learning. It eliminates the geographical boundaries giving a virtual space where students and teachers and connect easily with each other. Students can download and share the study material having access to the virtual class recordings 24X7.

While we talk about the benefits of virtual learning, we also would like to say that we miss our students! A school building is just a piece of construction without its students. We miss their loud cheers, we wish to see our classes, labs, and playgrounds filled back with our students learning, experimenting, and having fun together.

We believe learning must be an amalgamation of digital + traditional approaches. Where students can sit in their traditional classes and learn with modern and digital methods.

What do you think? Drop us your thoughts and opinions about the virtual learning process.

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