The 21st century has made many things possible. Unexpected changes brought about by technology have also contributed to managing our lifestyles and how we think and operate. Many of us can relate to yesteryears where the internet was inexistent. Spending the entire day in a library reading books or hiring a cycle on hourly rent was how a day in the summer vacation looked. But, the world that we currently live in is different. Siri, Alexa, and Google Assist have transformed how we spend our days, choose our music and pick a book to read. The solutions to our problems are a click away and geographies, time, or money are no longer a restriction. A virtual tour of the Louvre or the Brooks Falls – Katmai National Park, Alaska, is now just a click away.

We live in the age of terabytes, and our children feast on the arcade of information and data available to them at the drop of a hat. As educators, we are morally bound to now ensure that we direct our learners to access this data responsibly and effectively to fuel their inquiry process and thereby engage with their learning in a more profound manner. 

Finland’s education system also caters to inquiry through Phenomenon Based learning.

What is Phenomenon-based learning?

Phenomenon-based learning is a collaborative and constructive form of learning where students study a topic or concept in a holistic approach instead of a subject-based process.

Phenomenon-based learning includes topical learning. The Phenomenon studied is a specific topic, event, or fact, and theme-based education, where the Phenomenon studied is a concept or idea.

How will Phenomenon-Based Learning help your child?

●      Fosters greater engagement in learning new knowledge and skills of student’s interest.

●      Enables deeper learning because students are making connections beyond the subjects and experiencing practical understanding to real life.

●      Students develop more vital skills in communication.

●      Help the students learn the value of teamwork.

●      Allow students to manage critical thinking and use problem-solving techniques.

●      Students become less dependent as they become responsible for their learning.

●      This will help students create a more independent and self-sufficient environment.


In a world where everything is changing rapidly, Phenomenon Based Learning lays the foundation for preparing the next generation to think and act practically. At TAS, we aim to provide children holistic learning to help them march confidently towards a brighter future. With the best learning resource from Finnish education and support by TAS, the students will develop a distinctive identity of themselves that will contribute to a successful future. 

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