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A studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) has found that of all sickness, depression is one the foremost reason for disability across the world. WHO states that more than 500 million people across the globe are suffering from depression and the students are the primary age groups prone to depression.

Depression is related to a lot of experiences during school time. With everything new, a different lifestyle, new friends, a new culture and numerous firsts, the anxiety and depression go along with one throughout childhood to adulthood.

But what exactly is depression? Depression is a medical condition that influences the ability to work, study, communicate and self-confidence dips. Symptoms of depression may include: insomnia or excess sleeping, dip in the appetite, mood swings, hopelessness, unhappiness, and lack of concentration. The most extreme symptoms of depression include suicidal thoughts.

TAS provides an environment that promotes happiness. The school focuses on the ideology of being happy while studying. The school has an aura that aims to aid children in their studying process accompanied by fun and games.