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There is always a lot of emphasis given on the morning routine. However, as parents; we all know that very morning is a race against the clock. A good morning routine is a result of a very good night routine.

The morning hours of getting the children to school can be a Herculean task. But if your child does these 5 things before going to bed, morning can be like a beautiful orchestra with everyone working in tune.

1. Cleaning the desk space/ study table :

Developing the habit of disciple at a young age starts from small tasks like keeping things in place after use. One thing that the child must do before going to bed is cleaning his/ her desk. Looking at a clean and tidy desk space the next day will motivate the child to start his/her study and homework in time.

2. Packaging for the next day:

Packing the school bag for the next day after organizing the desk will help the child mentally prepare for the coming day and he/she may remember if some homework is left out. This will give you those few precious minutes of calm time at the breakfast table.

3. The diary habit:

Maintaining a Personal Dairy has many benefits. But it is the most beneficial for a child in learning to express himself or herself. Developing a habit of self-expression will increase the emotional intelligence of the child. And he/ she will go to sleep with

4. Family Time:

Quality time spent with family after a busy day can be simply bliss for the parents as well as for the child. Sharing what was taught in class and the things that happened over the day will sharpen the child’s memory. He/she will revise an entire lesson without even knowing it. Discussion from the parent’s side about next day’s meal plan and discussion about their own day builds a cohesive and nurturing home environment.


Brushing the teeth, washing the face before bed, drinking water and preparing the bed for sleep will help prepare the child’s brain for rest. These last 20 minutes without phones and technology will ensure calm sleep. The child’s body will slowly get used to this routine and will understand when it’s time to sleep.
In today’s modern world NIGHT-TIME is the only FAMILY TIME. Discipline can be built by helping the child in doing these 5 tasks daily. Also as the child learns to stay away from technology for at least the last 20 minutes before bed, he/she will learn to value the family time. The child will also understand that his opinion is valued in the family. And all these realizations will ensure a good night’s sleep for the child and a happy early morning time for you.

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