Choosing the right board and the best school for your child is very important. Nowadays most parents are preferring  ICSE school for their children. While choosing the best school, parents want academic learning along with the overall development of their child. The core to healthy and smart learning depends on the board you choose for your child. In a metropolitan city like Pune, there are few options for the best ICSE school for your child.

To educate you about what to look for in an ICSE school, here are 10 facts you should know before choosing the best ICSE school for your child.  

  • The ICSE board is globally recognized. If your child wishes to pursue higher education abroad, the ICSE board will support his/her brighter education.  
  • ICSE board not only focuses on academic knowledge but also helps in the overall growth and development of your child. 
  • ICSE board gives equal focus to arts, science, and language. The scale does not tip in favor of any particular field. Thus, children studying in ICSE schools are well-rounded and have more opportunities to explore.
  • ICSE focuses more on projects and lab work. It aims to provide practical engagements for students to help them learn better. 
  • ICSE school also focuses on physical education and activities.
  •  English grammar is taught in an extremely systematic manner. The idea is about teaching and developing young minds for global exposure and a brighter future. 
  • ICSE academics is more advanced compared to other syllabi, it will help your child master the subjects well. 
  • With the rapid growth in digitalization, the ICSE board encourages learning beyond classrooms. 
  • Enhanced classroom lessons, highly qualified and potential teachers provide an exceptional education to children with understanding every concept to the fullest.
  •  Extracurricular activities such as arts, dance & music, are a part of the curriculum that help in the holistic development of children. 

CONCLUSION:TAS is an ICSE  board. We at TAS aim to provide the holistic and overall development of our children. Through our balanced program, every child has the opportunity to experience the best education and has the chance to explore a variety of disciplines and identify areas they are passionate about. If you want to know more about ICSE board or TAS visit us at

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