How To Help Your Child Get More Organized


Many students struggle with basic organization and time management skills in their growing age. However, some parents don’t find these skills very important for their children, but as it turns out they are one of the most essential skills for every child to learn while they grow. These skills accompany them for their future life and have very important benefits.

Being organized isn’t just about keeping track of things, it’s also about organizing your thoughts, managing your time, planning, and knowing how to get things done in a particular order. It means being able to set goals and doing things in the right order.

Developing good organizational skills is a key ingredient for success in school and life. 

Below are a few tips that’ll help you get your child more organized. 

  • Build checklist:

Help your child maintain a “To-Do” journal. Ask them to put up a checklist for doing their homework, assignments, household chores, playtime, and other such activities. 

Marking completed items off their checklist will give them a sense of accomplishing a task. 

  • Prioritize their task:

Help your child recognize what’s more important to do and what’s less important to do. In such a way, they will understand the value of prioritizing the task. Such tasks will help them in completing their homework or assignments that are due soon. 

  • Set designated timetable:

Your child should be aware of his/her timetable. They should understand when to study, play, watch TV, and help with household chores. Setting a fixed timetable will help your child fall into a fixed pattern and wake up refreshed every day. Setting aside certain days to do certain chores also enables them to understand what to expect.

  • Prepare for a day ahead:

This habit will accompany your child for a lifetime and help them manage their work more efficiently. Before they go to bed they should pack their homework and backpack for the next day to avoid the rush in the morning. The next day’s clothes should be laid out with shoes and accessories. This will also cut down on morning confusion and allow your child to prepare quickly for the day ahead.

  • Conduct a weekly clean-up:

Encourage your child to declutter waste that is no more of use. Every week along with your child help them in organizing their books, assignments, and other stuff. Cleaning and organizing the bedroom every fortnight or month also ensures that everything is always kept in its place and is neat, clean & tidy. 


It’s very important to introduce organizational habits as soon as possible to children so that it becomes second nature to them as they grow up. And remember, organizing can be a challenge for children, so reward and support them in the process by developing different routines and giving treats when they accomplish a job well! We at TAS, ensure to implant all the good habits that will accompany them in their future. We focus on the holistic development of children. Our motto is to keep children #HappyAtSchool and help them build a representable future.

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Benefits of extracurricular activities for students


Apart from the educational curriculum, there are numerous opportunities for students to learn new skills, fuel their curiosity, and ignite a new passion. Extracurricular activities encourage the growth & development of every child in a positive way. The extracurricular activities help in the development of the social and intellectual growth of children. It encourages good behavior and communication in the child. Because of this, many schools are giving more importance to extracurricular activities. 

TAS is one of the best schools in Pune and one of the top schools in PCMC that offers students the opportunity to explore and grow with their skills and interests. 

What is an extracurricular activity?

Extracurricular activities fall outside the academic curriculum but are an integral part of the educational environment. These extracurricular activities include sports, drama, music, robotics, coding, etc which helps in developing creativity and artistic talents among children. 

Below are a few benefits of Extracurricular activities for children. 

Helps them in learning a new skill:

The extracurricular activities can help children learn a new skill that could stay with them for a lifetime. Apart from that, it instills the key personality that could accompany them in their future life. 

Boosts their academic performance:

Extracurricular activities are now considered a part of their academics, which results in adding extra points to their report. Not just that, participating in the activities students are passionate about can help in better brain functioning, increase concentration, and build confidence. 

Improves time management:

By participating in extracurricular activities children learn the importance and abilities of time management. 

When children participate in extracurricular activities, they try to balance their academic workload and their interests. This will help children learn time management skills and prioritizing their work.

Learn essential skills:

Along with other skills, children learn other essential skills such as goal setting, teamwork, critical thinking, public speaking, and also improved social behavior. 

Develops self-esteem:

The more you achieve success through your passionate activities, the more it helps in building your confidence. Even small extracurricular activities motivate children to work hard and achieve bigger success. 

Develops leadership qualities among children:

Leadership skills build a positive attitude among students inspiring them to be responsible people. It also teaches them to manage a particular task on their own and find solutions to their problems. 


Extracurricular activities are as important as academics. With the help of extracurricular activities, students get a chance to interact with their peers and learn from them as well. The lessons & experience children gain-from extracurricular activities will help students in their careers and future life. Participating in extracurricular activities supports students’ character development required for their personal growth and success. We at TAS focus on the holistic development of children. With a wholesome and nurturing campus, we help them to explore their interests and passion. Our motto is to keep children #HappyAtSchool and help them build a successful future.

Why Choose ICSE School


Raising kids is one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world and the one for which you might feel the least prepared.

The stronger the parent-child relationship, the better the upbringing.

Parenting in today’s world has taken a new dimension in the upbringing of the child, with the kind of exposure and vast opportunities available for parents.

For a parent, it’s a tough call when it comes to choosing the right school for their child. Every parent wants the best school for their child, as it plays a significant role in shaping the child’s future.

Since the I.C.S.E syllabus lays great emphasis on the application of what is taught rather than mere rote learning, it teaches them to critically analyze the text, and hence it provides them with a competitive edge over students from other boards appearing for competitive exams.

That is why scores of schools, universities, and institutions are adopting the ICSE board to teach and mold the students under a global education system. 

Why choose the ICSE board?

Choosing the right board for your child will significantly impact his future and upbringing. The ICSE board is the top choice of Parents in India today. ICSE board provides exceptional learning experiences, Besides focusing on concepts in Math and Science, ICSE also offers an equal weightage to languages, arts, and humanities. This allows for a more balanced, wholesome, and inclusive education.

A forward-thinking board has devised a curriculum to empower its students to excel in all fields. It prepares your child to take on the challenges of the world and transforms its students to become global citizens.

ICSE schools provide value-based learning with a dynamic curriculum that helps equip your child with a sense of responsibility, confidence, and self-discipline. 

Advantages of studying in ICSE board:

  • The ICSE board keeps its focus on value-based education for students that will help in the holistic development of students.
  • The board is based on a Dynamic curriculum. The curriculum is designed so that it balances academics and other activities and encourages the students to pursue the skills of their choice. 
  • With the help of Practical engagement, they build interest among students for a particular subject. 
  • The unique teaching methods by teachers encourage the students to learn beyond classrooms.
  • With the help of co-curricular activities, they develop confidence among students to pursue their goals.
  • ICSE board provides a wide range of opportunities for students to study abroad which helps them unleash their true potential for a brighter future. 
  • If you are planning higher education for your child at a foreign university, I.C.S.E. is an ideal board for you. It’s syllabus is specially designed to align with the needs of foreign universities, which demand that the applicant displays a great work ethic.

Conclusion: At TAS, we believe that every child has their uniqueness and should be taught in a nurturing classroom where they will flourish to their best and fly towards their future with the wings of their imagination. We know how stressful it can be for parents to search for the best board and the best school for their child. At TAS, with our very well-constructed academics team & Curriculum, we assure you of our best teaching for your child through a balanced program that allows your child to explore the world of possibilities and conquer her/his bright future.

What Type Of Environment We Need To Create For Our Children At Home


It is always important to create the best environment for your children, along with the best school.  A child’s holistic development takes place in a positive and encouraging environment. Just like adults, children need an environment that helps them feel secure. Feeling safe and secure will allow children to build relationships, become confident, and meet their potential. 

Listen instead of Telling: 

Parents need to understand their child’s problems and listen actively. Parents should be able to connect emotionally, mentally, and physically in their child’s life. When you are patient and treat your children with the love & respect they deserve, the effects of growing up in a warm and loving home reflect in their day-to-day actions.

Acknowledge instead of correcting:

Children take a lot of effort by giving their best in whatever they are doing. And they expect you to acknowledge them for their efforts and dedication. At this point, if you correct your child he will lose his confidence and not attempt the same again. It is very important for the child to learn but allowing them to explore and use their imagination will help them learn better and with more positivity. Your support, understanding, and acknowledgment will help children have an established foundation of positive self-esteem, confidence, emotional intelligence, and communication skills to guide them to be balanced, happy, and resilient people. 

Educate instead of instructing: 

Apart from academic education, it is also essential that your child learns practically.  We all have heard the saying “Monkey See, Monkey Do.” Model the behavior you want to see in your child. Parents need to understand that children learn and try to emulate parent’s behavior. Therefore we need to portray the best behavior that our child will learn. Apart from just instructing them, try behaving the way you want them to behave.  For instance, the way parents treat their subordinate workers and house help in their day-to-day life will have an impact on a child’s behavior. If parents treat their subordinates with contempt, their children will also learn the same behavior. 

Participate instead of organizing: 

What boosts your children’s mood is your active participation in the activities they perform. Your active participation will help you build an exceptional emotional bond with your child. The best and most effective way to build your child’s confidence is to show them that their home is a safe and loving place and you are ready to spend quality time with your child. Having a positive and nurturing/active home will contribute in building your child’s emotional intelligence and ability to communicate freely with you. Be a part of their activities instead of helping them.

Your support is the biggest contribution:

A child’s biggest support is his/her parents and it is very important to provide concrete support to your child when he/she is facing any trouble. It does not matter whether the trouble is big or small, it is the parent’s duty to make sure to tell your child that you are there to support him/her! 

Words are the strongest weapon one can use. That is why it is very important to choose your words wisely when you are teaching or educating your child. You may not control your child’s behavior or words, but you may control the atmosphere you create in the house.


Not every day will be perfect, some days might be hard, some might be easy and the happiest! We all know that parents are juggling the demands of work, home, and other responsibilities. This leaves many parents feeling like they do not have enough time with/and for their children. What needs to be acknowledged is that even small acts of kindness, protection, and caring―a hug, a smile, or loving words―make a big difference to children. It is a dream of all the parents to build the most caring and loving house for their child and trust us this one thought only makes you the best parent in the world. Research shows that a consistent relationship with a caring adult in the early years is associated with better grades, healthier behaviors, more positive peer interactions, and an increased ability to cope with stress later in life. The efforts you put in while educating and inculcating the right values in your child is the most amazing thing you are doing, and we are here to help you with the simplest and most effective ways!!