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School life is a home away from home. Along with the technical knowledge, an academic institute also stands for building one’s character, defining personalities and providing an opportunity for wholesome development of the children. According to research, co-curricular activities are monumental in imparting the above-said values onto the children. In fact, various studies state that the inclusion of these activities has brought a positive change in the academics of the students. The marks have risen up and the children gain a broader perspective of the world, in addition to learning a new skill or craft. Not only does co-curriculum enhance one’s persona but also broaden the experiences of the students. Co-curriculum includes everything starting from games, music, art and craft, competitions, and so much more.

The significance of Co-curriculum activities at School:

1. Assistance in academics:

Co-curricular activities aid in the learning process. The intellectual skills are put to test and children gain the ability to think, question and analyze on their own. Science lab activities, different technical competition, as well as literary competitions, help children learn their subjects better and in a fun way.

2. Self Confidence booster:

The self-confidence of the little ones are given a power boost through the co-curricular activities. They learn the art of public speaking and learn the ability to handle their audience. Children also learn improvisation and how to handle the pressure along with the life skill that participating matters more than winning.

3. Involvement in cultural activities:

Children learn from co-curricular activities. They learn about the culture, history, literature and various other things through the activities held at the school. Ethnic and moral values are learned, they understand the importance of empathy, kindness, and harmony.

4. Learning a new skill:

In addition to all the above, the co-curricular activities teach the children a skill. They learn a craft be it proficiency in guitar, tabla, painting, craft, public speaking, poetry or just a good observer. The activities make sure every child takes something back home.

5. Mental and physical health:

Stress is an issue that most children deal with today. These co-curricular activities are the hero, we all were looking for. Not only do these activities reduce our stress level, but they also aid in the betterment of our physical health too.

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