Often there are discussions about ‘Equality’ within corridors of Education and Education systems, but little about ‘Equity.’ At TAS, we strive to offer both with the  Finland Education. 

Equality means treating every student the same, whereas, on the other hand, while Equity means making sure every student has the support they need to succeed in their future & career. 

The Finland education system brings Equity in education to ensure that every student has an equal chance of success. 

At TAS, we work to carefully chart out for our learners a learning path full of love and support from the teachers and use advanced technologies to motivate them as they participate in fun learning activities. 

Didn’t we all love growing up with minute attention from our parents and teachers for each task we did! Well, the Finnish education system brings the same experience to our children. 

How will this affect the students at TAS?

  • We at TAS believe in providing students with equal opportunities. With this thought in mind, every student will get attention from teachers and be motivated to work towards a brighter future. 
  • With modern technology, we will inspire students to spread their wings and explore the world of opportunities. 
  • Along with the Finnish education system at TAS, we aim to design the education journey for each individual so that he/she gets the opportunity to choose an appropriate path for finishing an entire qualification or an additional skill set. The primary importance is on what the students learn and can do. 
  • Equity education will also help in the healthy development of every child’s social and emotional growth. It will encourage the children to explore their interests and bring out the best. 
  • With personal attention by teachers, students will be motivated to work on their passion and interests. 


At TAS, we believe that every child is unique and has the power to conquer the world of possibilities. With Finland’s education system, we are all ready to provide them with the best learning resource of their interest. With new and advanced technologies, we aim to give children an education that will contribute to their holistic development.  

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