India is a glorious country of culture, traditions, and FESTIVALS! Every next day or the other marks a festival and calls for a celebration. The eagerness and excitement of every festival can be seen a month before it arrives.

Holidays, shopping, family gatherings and fun, freedom to enjoy cheat meals and sweets, gifts and blessings from your dear ones, and the count of excitement does not end…

Everything was fine until the outbreak of Covid-19 that put a halt to our happiness and celebrations. It added a feeling of disappointment and demotivation to our festive mood.

Be it Ramzan or Ganesh Chaturthi or any admired festival, we are not able to celebrate in the way we did earlier. Empty streets, abandoned markets, restricted traveling became an obstacle to our happiness. Staying indoors has become the need of the day. Health and safety have become the most crucial concern at present where freedom to celebrate has been compromised.

The gloss and glitter of the festivals can’t be seen, the shout and cheers can’t be heard.

But are we going to sit upset? NO!

No matter we can’t light up our homes and streets with lanterns and diyas, but we can light up our hearts with hope. There has been certain guidelines expressed by the government to celebrate our festivals ensuring social distancing and other best practices to stop the spread of Covid-19.

People from all over the country have emerged as super corona warriors supporting the government for the cause. Mosques, temples and churches remained closed, people are now practicing their prayers from home.

We can enjoy our festivals staying safe right from home by just practicing some added safety measures. Here are a few tips you can follow to make sure you celebrate your festivals safely during the lockdown:

  • Sanitize, sanitize, and sanitize! Sanitize your home well, sanitize your hands frequently and sanitize the things that come in and go out.
  • Avoid crowd gathering. Maintain a social distance, and avoid shaking hands and hugging each other.
  • Treat yourself with home-made delicacies. Avoid buying sweets from outside, enjoy mom’s made dishes and desserts to calm your festive cravings.
  • Have Virtual gatherings. Set-up a virtual gathering with your dear ones so that you don’t miss their presence, totally.
  • Express gratitude. Thank god for his blessings, that we are still safe home with our dear ones. Pray for the corona warriors who are fighting against the pandemic, staying away from home to ensure you stay safe with your family.

This will not remain forever, time shall pass and we are in this together! Let us know how are you celebrating festivals during the lockdown?

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