Preschool is the most exciting time of childhood. You won’t understand much but you will treasure the memories forever! Do you remember your first bench partner? Or your friend whom you shared your lunch with? Okay, how about your class teacher! wasn’t she the sweetest? Flashback memories are the best. Just like that, every child deserves his/her best experience of early learning with fun!! Preschool is a combination of happiness with learning, where children spread the wings of their imagination & creativity wide open and explore their new journey. It is a place where curiosity and doubts are gladly welcome and no one will ever question them for asking! But the most important question we have is, which is the best preschool for our children?

Why Preschool is Important:

Children are eager and curious to learn. They want to explore and paint the world with the colors of their imagination! The activities that are carried in preschool creates a new and different pathway for children to learn and play. Preschool helps your child in developing writing habits, gross motor & fine motor skills, discipline, self-care skills, builds confidence and fitness along with sensory play that allows children to learn ,explore and enhance their senses to the best of their abilities. Science activities and brain games generate sparks of curiosity. At TAS, every activity is well designed for the healthy growth of the child’s mind and body. We provide a set of outdoor and indoor activities for children that will help them in the long run for their better and brighter future. Below are the preschool activities at TAS:

Brain Teasers:

Engaging the tiny tots with fun learning activities is what we aim for. With fun activities that turn spark in the classroom among students is what we strive for. A brain teaser is game-based learning that not only entertains children but will help them generate a sense of creativity and inspire new thoughts. Brain games such as Riddles, Math Games, Spot the difference not only help in the growth of the brain but also motivates children in exploring more.

Story Telling:

Children are enthusiastic and curious to learn. Storytelling activities are the best activity to load their brain with creativity and imagination. Exciting stories urge the curiosity of children to ask questions and encourage them to find their answers on their own. Our teachers engage students in fun and exciting stories. This not only helps them in understanding but also boosts their imagination. Storytelling sharpens their memory and also improves their social skills.

Dance & Music:

Dancing on the rhythms of music is nothing but happiness. Dance & Music helps kids in their physical and mental growth. They understand the coordination of dancing in the groups on the tunes of music. There is no better way to express yourself than dancing to the tune of music. It fosters their imagination and engages their brain to learn new things such as sounds, words, tunes, and patterns. These activities are great for development and stimulate connections in the growing brain. Dance helps children to learn balance and control their movements. This is a great activity to encourage students in creative fields.

Yoga & Meditation:

Yoga and Meditation if practiced regularly may bring very good results among students. Yoga and meditation are exercises that have been practiced for years and have always proven beneficial. Yoga improves the physical as well as mental health of an individual while meditation provides peace of mind and brings control over the body. These exercises not only help in building concentration and focus but also develop positive nature and calm your senses. Another advantage of practicing yoga is the flexibility of the body. Yoga also provides strength and endurance if practiced regularly. At TAS, we make sure that Yoga & meditation is practiced regularly in every sports period by our students.


The journey of school is the most fun and exciting part of one’s life. We believe in inculcating values and helping students in their early growth. We at TAS, make sure your child enjoys every moment of his/her school life. Our teachers are passionate and tender in teaching values and discipline. Searching for the best preschool for your child seems like a tough job! But, we are here with the best teaching staff and welcoming campus that will provide the complete learning experience for your child and keep them #HappyAtSchool.

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