As the lockdown reopens every parent and student will face a new set of challenges. With new excitement, we will overcome these challenges together. As parents, we can understand how difficult it must be to manage the stress of sending your child to school after the pandemic situation. For this, you have to be prepared socially, physically, and mentally. 

Below are a few things that’ll help you overcome the stress and anxiety of dealing with the school reopening procedure.

  • Preparation. As the school reopens, talk to your child about the upcoming academic year and know their fear.
  • Encourage your child to talk to their friends and plan what they will be doing when the school reopens. This will help them understand the process and make it  easier for them.
  • Help your child plan and organize their ‘back-to-school’ bags such as books, compass box, and uniform.
  • Begin regulating their sleep schedule. At least one week prior the school reopens.
  • Try not to avoid your child’s fears and problems and brush them away. Listen and talk to them about it.
  • Avoid getting frustrated with your child who is slow at getting ready for school, try not to yell at them to hurry up.
  • Stay updated on the news and government school reopening guidelines. 
  • Educate yourself Post-covid 19 measures parents should follow for their children and take further precautions. 


We are all ready to fight the COVID-19 and march back to school with a victory. We at TAS, aim to provide a healthy learning environment for our children and make sure they enjoy their back to the school year, and are #HappyAtSchool While parents might be feeling unsure about sending their child to school, we assure exceptional care.  

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