Dear children, A very good morning and hope you all are safe.

It fills my heart with immense warmth to narrate a real story of deep human values depicting service, highlighting the adage “service to humanity is service to God”. As we are bombarded every minute on TV and Social media on how COVID-19 has deeply impacted human lives around us in INDIA & globally, there is wide spread fear and paranoia in the minds of even the youngest Indian. But even babies as small as few months old have fallen prey to this mutant virus & recovered! (Hurray!!!!) This touching story that I am going to narrate is a personal experience dating back to a few days when I happened to glance through message on my “Family Whats app group”.

My uncle (Joseph D’souza), resident of Mumbai woke up one morning to discover his building has been classified as “hotspot” and was cordoned off due to positive covid-19 patient being found. To add to his woes my uncle had recently undergone an angioplasty (heart surgery) and required medical supervision to ensure recovery. As luck would have been, he had medicines stocks lasting for only 2 days and with the building being sealed off, he was helpless and alone. Trying times like these fire up your neurons into trying all possible permutations and combinations to help provide medical aid to someone without which the results would turn tragic soon, very soon. My first port of call was Mrs Nerurkar. I knew she had been voluntarily delivering medicines for unfortunate souls in need and constrained due to inability to travel. It was late in the night when I contacted her, but she told me that she would reach out to volunteers in Mumbai. She immediately sent me a list of brave noble souls (rather angels) in Mumbai who place service before self and help ensure medicines reach the needy.

I approached the person on my list at Worli, Mr Vishal Mirpuri that evening and narrated the predicament and provided him the address for my uncle. Understanding the gravity he immediately asked me to message prescription details and assured me that the medicines would be delivered within next 24 hrs. Next noon I got a call from my uncle with a huge note of appreciation and gratitude for both Mr Vishal and me for ensuring medicines were delivered just in time. I am so grateful to this gentleman for his timely help that he offered even after telling him that the building was under quarantine. He didn’t hesitate to offer help. See children angels don’t always have wings, sometimes they just have big hearts.

We all are aware as we are watching news and hearing of doctors,nurses and policemen who are helping us in this pandemic but these people go unnoticed. So I want to thank all these people including Mrs Nerurkar who are doing this wonderful job. God bless you Mr Mirpuri. You will always be remembered as a hero behind the scenes So students of TAS, we will soon banish this virus from our world. As long as we have amidst us people who truly believe that the whole world is their family, this foe of ours will be defeated I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Pamela Karmakar
Class Teacher (II C)

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