One of the most primary discussions that keep us occupied today is the future changes in our lifestyle after the COVID-19 situation. We all are eagerly waiting for frequently asked questions i.e when the school will re-open?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the back-to-school season stressful especially for parents. Parents are worried about children’s safety after the school reopens. We would say your child will be safe as well as   #HappyAt School. TAS is cautious about the safety of students. We will be taking utmost care to ensure the safety of our children. 

Here are a few measures TAS ensures for the safety of our children.

  • There would be a regular screening of students, teachers, and other staff at the entry point. 
  • Regular temperature check of people entering the school campus along with other school members.
  • Practicing social distancing will be carried between students in the school campus and classroom by desk spacing.  
  • We would encourage our students to wash hands frequently and use alcohol-based sanitizers regularly. 
  • TAS will ensure regular cleaning and sanitizing of campus and classroom.
  •  We will execute the activities of classes in smaller batches.
  • Mandatory use of face masks by teachers, students, and staff of the school on the campus will be a compulsion. 
  • There would be constant attendance of 2 Nurses from the school infirmary for any emergency to take care of a crucial situation. 
  • We assure clean washrooms with proper sanitation.
  • We would install hand pump sanitizer in classroom corridors.


We aim to make the experience of back to school a Happy as well as Safe one. Our teachers and staff members at TAS are incredibly cautious about your child’s safety and we assure to carry the same fun learning experience for your child at TAS. Preparing children for back-to-school this year will be different, yet some things, such as fun at school, being happy at school will  remain the same. TAS will provide total support to you in taking care of children at school. Our teachers welcome your doubts regarding your child’s safety and health. For more details visit us at

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