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This is TAS: a school committed to global thinking. Our school will help your child succeed anywhere, and our approach will allow them to discover their true potential. Being a part of a 55-year-old legacy we have made an impression as the best school in Pimpri Chinchwad. TAS was established in Pune, in 2015 by Gramodaya Trust to provide a world-class education to the children in Maharashtra. With innovation and progressive teaching methods, TAS has set up a benchmark in the education system.

Why Choose TAS?

TAS: The Academy School has a proud tradition of being a supportive and caring community that delivers outstanding educational opportunities.TAS is an ICSE based board that helps in the holistic development of your child. We teach a globally accepted curricular to deliver excellent academic outcomes. We at TAS, help our children to find their place in the world. We constantly strive to create an environment in which every student is supported to achieve the highest levels of success. We create a positive and nurturing environment for children and encourage them in achieving their dreams in the future. 

  • A progressive step towards Holistic learning

At TAS, we not only focus on academic development, but we also aim to foster skills along with personality development of our children. With exposure to a wide variety of activities and competitions, TAS aims to boost your child’s confidence and make them ready for education beyond school. At TAS, we believe that children are the bright future of our nation. Our vision is focused on their overall development and to shape their well-rounded personality we take a personal interest in every activity she/he performs. Our aim is that every child emerges as a confident, creative, and compassionate citizen of the world.

  • The growing impact of Technology in learning

Technology has been making rapid growth in the education system and we at TAS understand the need for technology for our children. When you discuss the use of technology in education, it is important to understand that technology helps students develop certain skills required to succeed in this competitive world. We believe that the future of the nation is in the hands of Children and they deserve the best in education. Previously, the use of technology seemed like a distraction, but now many schools believe it to be a useful teaching tool. 

We at TAS, ensure that our students are well accustomed to these new methods of learning. The school innovates and adapts the modern  methods of teaching for the benefit of the students. 

  • Safety and Hygiene

Children’s safety is a top priority at TAS. We ensure that our children play in a hygienic and safe campus. The safety of your child is paramount. From the time a student boards the bus to the time he/she leaves the school campus at the end of the day, his/her security is our responsibility. Our trained and alert staff, CCTV Cameras, and security guards ensure that while on campus, your child is provided with a completely safe environment.

  • A female attendant in each bus
  • Security guards at the gate
  • Secure perimeter wall and
  • CCTV Cameras

Not just that, our cleaning staff ensure a proper clean & green surrounding for students of TAS. With a hygienic classroom and campus, your child is safe and sound at TAS. 

  • Music and Sports

The value of sports & music education was never more emphasized than it is now. At TAS, sports, games, and music are also held as an integral aspect of overall child’s education. Participation in such activities is crucial, especially in a child’s growing years, to improve their physical, social, mental, and intellectual health. Participating in such activities students also develop qualities such as leadership, integrity, team spirit, cooperation, and public speaking. The Sports Department aims to inculcate team spirit and sportsmanship in our students via the various events organized all year round. The playgrounds and the skating rink are a favorite spot for our children to learn and practice. We also understand that each student has his/her personal interest. Therefore, the art department includes the art & craft, dance, and music sections. Every student chooses an art medium and builds on his/her ability with the help of our qualified faculty in each of these disciplines so that the students can be #HappyAtSchool.

  • Conceptual learning for students.

Children need to understand the concept and learn thoroughly. This method will help in the power of imagination and builds a better focus on how to organize and distribute a particular topic. ICSE board facilitates conceptual learning among the students. With this, they also broaden the topics for class discussion that will help students understand better from other student’s perspectives except for the academic syllabus. The tests and exams conducted are also based on how much the student has understood and not on how much he/she knows by heart. At TAS, we believe that knowing and understanding the concepts will help students in the long run. 

TAS brings to you a perfect education for your child and believes in their progressive future. We strive to deliver the best to our children and build them into responsible and capable citizens. It’s a proud moment for us as both our vision and efforts have been recognized and appreciated by The Economic Times. We’re glad to receive the Best Education Brands Award for the year 2020.

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