Being a parent is the most fantastic experience of one’s life. When you enjoy the first roll of your child, their first word, their tiny steps, and just like that, your tiny tot is ready to go to school. The biggest task comes while choosing the best school for your child. Choosing an education system that will help in the overall development of your child is very important. With the advanced development in the education system, many parents are opting for the best board, ICSE board for their children. 

Looking for the best school in your locality? A school that will equip your child with the advanced curriculum and will provide them with a better education? Here are a few points that will help you while looking for the best school and why the ICSE board is best for your child. 

  • Syllabus: 

ICSE academics follow a higher level of English language than the rest of the boards, a higher level of English language in ICSE assists the students to perform better in exams like TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). The syllabus of ICSE is considered to help students learn beyond books. 

The combination ICSE syllabus is based on global content, with teaching methodologies that glean from systems across the world, and a keen focus on satisfying curious & analytical minds.

  • Teaching method:

ICSE prefers detailed study and focuses more on English Literature and English Language. ICSE board is considered to be more flexible. If your child has a keen interest in learning different languages then ICSE is the perfect choice for him/her. 

ICSE faculty offers a variety of languages such as Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and others, the board also includes creative subjects like fashion design, agriculture, music home science, and cookery for innovative minds.

  • Dynamic Curriculum: 

The curriculum of ICSE encourages analytical thinking and inculcates a problem-solving attitude in the children as they learn to think independently and work on their own. This boosts their skills and the overall development of the students. With a warm and positive environment, students will develop involvement in studies with the ease of learning. The dynamic curriculum helps in the overall development of children including arts and sports education. 

  • Practical Engagement: 

ICSE syllabus makes students look beyond textbooks, the board proceed into their labs and gather hands-on experience to get a practical engagement of the concepts learned in the classroom. This not only makes it easier for students to experience practically but will help in better understanding.

  • Nationally & Globally Recognized:

The ICSE board is nationally and globally recognized. The certification will be recognized around the world, particularly by foreign schools and universities when compared to the central board’s. If your child wishes to pursue his/her further education abroad, the ICSE board is the best option you can choose for their better and brighter future. 

TAS is an ICSE based board that provides holistic development of your child and ensures new methods of learning. We believe that every student is unique in their way and we aim to provide a nurturing learning environment for children by giving them a chance to explore the world with their vision and imagination. For more details visit us at 

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