It is always important to create the best environment for your children, along with the best school.  A child’s holistic development takes place in a positive and encouraging environment. Just like adults, children need an environment that helps them feel secure. Feeling safe and secure will allow children to build relationships, become confident, and meet their potential. 

Listen instead of Telling: 

Parents need to understand their child’s problems and listen actively. Parents should be able to connect emotionally, mentally, and physically in their child’s life. When you are patient and treat your children with the love & respect they deserve, the effects of growing up in a warm and loving home reflect in their day-to-day actions.

Acknowledge instead of correcting:

Children take a lot of effort by giving their best in whatever they are doing. And they expect you to acknowledge them for their efforts and dedication. At this point, if you correct your child he will lose his confidence and not attempt the same again. It is very important for the child to learn but allowing them to explore and use their imagination will help them learn better and with more positivity. Your support, understanding, and acknowledgment will help children have an established foundation of positive self-esteem, confidence, emotional intelligence, and communication skills to guide them to be balanced, happy, and resilient people. 

Educate instead of instructing: 

Apart from academic education, it is also essential that your child learns practically.  We all have heard the saying “Monkey See, Monkey Do.” Model the behavior you want to see in your child. Parents need to understand that children learn and try to emulate parent’s behavior. Therefore we need to portray the best behavior that our child will learn. Apart from just instructing them, try behaving the way you want them to behave.  For instance, the way parents treat their subordinate workers and house help in their day-to-day life will have an impact on a child’s behavior. If parents treat their subordinates with contempt, their children will also learn the same behavior. 

Participate instead of organizing: 

What boosts your children’s mood is your active participation in the activities they perform. Your active participation will help you build an exceptional emotional bond with your child. The best and most effective way to build your child’s confidence is to show them that their home is a safe and loving place and you are ready to spend quality time with your child. Having a positive and nurturing/active home will contribute in building your child’s emotional intelligence and ability to communicate freely with you. Be a part of their activities instead of helping them.

Your support is the biggest contribution:

A child’s biggest support is his/her parents and it is very important to provide concrete support to your child when he/she is facing any trouble. It does not matter whether the trouble is big or small, it is the parent’s duty to make sure to tell your child that you are there to support him/her! 

Words are the strongest weapon one can use. That is why it is very important to choose your words wisely when you are teaching or educating your child. You may not control your child’s behavior or words, but you may control the atmosphere you create in the house.


Not every day will be perfect, some days might be hard, some might be easy and the happiest! We all know that parents are juggling the demands of work, home, and other responsibilities. This leaves many parents feeling like they do not have enough time with/and for their children. What needs to be acknowledged is that even small acts of kindness, protection, and caring―a hug, a smile, or loving words―make a big difference to children. It is a dream of all the parents to build the most caring and loving house for their child and trust us this one thought only makes you the best parent in the world. Research shows that a consistent relationship with a caring adult in the early years is associated with better grades, healthier behaviors, more positive peer interactions, and an increased ability to cope with stress later in life. The efforts you put in while educating and inculcating the right values in your child is the most amazing thing you are doing, and we are here to help you with the simplest and most effective ways!!

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